Be That Kid

Be THAT Kid…

Be THAT kid who is nice and kind…to everyone!

Be THAT kid who shows self-control, for there are reasons we have rules.

Be THAT kid who is patient, polite, and uses the word “please”.

Be THAT kid who is full of gratitude.

Be THAT kid who chooses to be optimistic and positive.

Be THAT kid who is full of GRIT: That special combo of determination & perseverance.

Be THAT kid who is dependable and faithful. Trustworthy kids grow up to be leaders!

Be THAT kid who is honest…even when that is the hardest thing to do.

Be THAT kid who is curious. Hold onto your sense of wonder!

Be THAT kid who is humble when acknowledging achievements, awards, and accolades.

Be THAT kid who is full of HOPE… This year I’m going to chase my dreams!

November's Theme... GRATITUDE!

An attitude of gratitude means that you focus on all the good things in your life and not on the things you want or don’t happen to have. Having an attitude of gratitude means you are thankful and glad.

Only YOU can control your attitude…which is why you need to practice being appreciative when others do nice things for you like sharing toys, holding the door, making you dinner, or doing your laundry. Ultimately, YOU have to decide to be a person who looks for ways to be thankful.

Good luck at growing an attitude of gratitude!

Photo of Denver CREW Team

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